Why We Support World Child Cancer

Fact 1: Globally, 90% of children from low-income families die of cancer!

Fact 2: This is due to poor knowledge and understanding of cancer symptoms among families and healthcare providers in the low-income world.

Fact 3: To make matters worse, with cancer treatments being expensive, low-income families can hardly afford to foot the bill for hospital costs. However, those who may be able to afford it still face difficulties, as they have to travel long distances to the hospital.

Fact 4: As if this wasn’t bad enough, some children are misdiagnosed, late diagnosed or not diagnosed at all, which can leads to additional suffering or these children.

Baby with eye cancer     Baby with mouth cancer     Boy with stomach cancer

What must be done: urgently?

We at CES provide an educational support service to students. We are holding a raffle where 10% of the proceeds will be donated to World Child Cancer (https://www.worldchildcancer.org/) to close the cancer gap globally in the following ways:

Supporting families: provide financial support for low-and-middle-income countries so that the most vulnerable are able to pay for travel and treatment costs.

Raise awareness: With better awareness, we can ultimately ensure that more children are diagnosed at an earlier stage of cancer, improving their chances of survival.

Trained Professionals: more trained professionals mean more children with cancer will survive.

Donators: the more raffle tickets (http://www.erraffle.uk/) we sell, the greater the donations we make; the greater decrease of the cancer gap; the happier children and families will be.

Thanks and God bless!