Why Do English Literature With Us?

1) Accountability – Structure – Affordability (A.S.A.)

CES has an ethos of support and accountability:

  • to each other,
  • to our students,
  • to their parents.

We take a highly structured approach to teaching:

  • lessons are planned in advance,
  • each student’s learning needs are catered for,
  • their progress is clearly documented on their Student Assessment Plan.

We provide a professional, high quality service at an affordable price:

  • we understand that parents want the very best for their children.
  • However, many face great financial challenges.

2) Testimonial from a leading expert in the field

  • Andrew Bruff is a pioneer and an authority in online education.
  • He’s a very popular and knowledgeable English teacher from Devon.
  • A former Head of English, Andrew is a sought-after school consultant.
  • He specialises in the AQA specification for English.
  • His YouTube tutoring channel has had over 40 million views worldwide.

3) To read reviews from present customers, click here

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